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Staff and Patient Safety

A culture of staff safety is a prerequisite to a culture of patient safety.

Mission Statement

To develop one safe culture for everyone: staff and patients worldwide in healthcare

Action Statement

To provide a forum to explore, debate, and discuss emerging ideas and evidence on the physical, pyschologicaland ethical safety of staff and the consequences for patient safety.

Established in 2008

Statement of Interests

We are keen to identify the multiple interests we have as individuals, and as team members who have come together to establish this website as an information and educational portal for all healthcare professionals. In this way, we hope to promote transparency, fairness, and truth telling; consistent with how we manage all of our professional intentions and actions.

Our interests in the staff and patient safety field are long standing and broad ranging across education, research and commerce.

Priority for HealthCare

Understanding Staff Safety Culture

There is no doubt that patient safety and quality care should be the priority for healthcare institutions. However the safety of healthcare staff, who are vital for delivering patient safety outcomes, should not be ignored. A culture of safety for both patients and staff is required within hospitals, clinics, and all healthcare spaces.