The forum for concerned medical professionals, nursing professionals and other dedicated hospital staff with an interest in staff safety (OSHA / WPH&S) and patient safety.


Over the many years that we have worked on inventing and marketing medical safety products, we have formed the opinion that a culture of staff safety is a pre-requisite to ensuring a culture of patient safety.

To achieve our objective of an improved attitude to staff safety and patient safety, we believe there are many guidelines that need to be reevaluated and updated. This applies to:

Therefore, it is our intention to draw attention to and promote the rigorous debate of topics and current guidelines, relevant to staff safety and patient safety.

As desirable as a positive approach to staff safety may be, the task of changing the culture of any large organization, (even well-respected and highly professional regulatory bodies like OSHA and the Joint Commission), is very challenging.

Clearly, any push for change must be done from a foundation of fact, and it is of paramount importance that the latest scientific information and research be utilized in designing that change.

We intend to do this via the publication of research—conducted at our own institution as well as other facilities. We will always aim to be controversial, thought provoking and lateral in our thinking.

Our first topic is the issue of “scalpel safety”, a term we coined to illuminate the controversy of safety scalpels—and why surgeons resist them so passionately.

The site will also be periodically updated and expanded with other research that is relevant to staff safety and patient safety.

The "Safety Scalpel" Debate

Why don't regulations work as well as they should?

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A culture of staff safety is a prerequisite to a culture of patient safety.