The forum for concerned medical professionals, nursing professionals and other dedicated hospital staff with an interest in staff safety (OSHA / WPH&S) and patient safety.


As the people responsible for developing and marketing the Qlicksmart Blade Removal System, we see potential for a conflict of interest with this website on a number of levels, as listed below.

Our potential areas of conflict of interest are …

Dr Neville Henry and Dr Michael Sinnott are both involved in the invention and marketing of a range of medical safety products.

The reduction of staff and patient injuries incurred in the course of our work will have an immediate effect on our workload.

As clinicians we are both personally exposed to the risk of sharps injuries on a daily basis, and therefore have a vested interest in the discovery of the most effective sharps injury prevention (ESIP) devices and systems.


Despite these issues, the decision to build this website has been taken because of the moral obligation we feel to share the information we have, both in an effort to illuminate the inherent flaws in the current accepted wisdom, as well as to instigate positive change in the various affected cultures.

With the potential for commercial conflict in mind, this website has been created as a separate entity to our commercial website. Furthermore, we have been careful to remove any product or product promotional information from this site, restricting the content to scientific evidence that you may like to consider.

This means that people such as yourself can comfortably forward the information to your friends and colleagues, without the risk of it being contaminated by individual product promotion.

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A culture of staff safety is a prerequisite to a culture of patient safety.